5thCell Media

Lead / Senior Engineer (Engine Tech & Game-Play Systems, XboxOne, iOS, PC) (2012 – Present)

Lead 15-member team to develop engine and internal tools for 2 to 3 game teams. Supervise direct report group and provide key input to allocate resources and meet deadlines across production, QA, training, code base, development tools, roadmaps, strategies, personnel review system, and methodologies. Promote creative culture, and actively support individual career goals.

  • Oversee all engine development areas (graphics, tools, object model, etc.); delegate duties and contribute advice and insight as senior technical resource; personally assist with tough technical challenges.
  • Support full lifecycle product development with focus on product; manage multiple concurrent projects, orchestrate creative and technical processes and timelines, and deliver tools intended to meet product demands.

Key Accomplishments

  • Engine Team Launch: Founded and currently manage 15-member team: Identified need for formal processes (requirements gathering, code reviews, static code analysis, unit testing), gained acceptance of concept, and launched Engine Team.
  • Technology Leadership: Manage technical environment; track down surface issues to isolate fundamental technical problems; develop ideas and recommendations, initiate group action, and gain consensus of all teams for global solution.
  • Product Management: Take ownership of product issues, distill true needs / priorities from internal and external clients, establish root causes, and oversee solutions; follow through with internal and external stakeholders to ensure full resolution.
  • Productivity Enhancement: Identified and implemented many systems, including model pipeline and WPF-C++ bindable Engine properties, to significantly increase tools development speed.
  • Recruiting / Hiring: Refocused team interview process for phone and technical interviews to ensure cultural fit, strong technical skills, and willingness to learn / adapt to new technologies.


Senior Engineer, “Hybrid” (Xbox360, PC) (2012)

Supported 25-member team as senior technical resource. Wrote ActionScript / C++ systems to support MTX, Matchmaking, and Player Progression Unlocks and refactored Flash files to support UI needs. Implemented MTX systems and model section swapping based off purchases.


Senior Engineer, “unannounced title” (iOS) (2010 – 2012)

Directed technical efforts of 3-member team to implement 2D game systems and infrastructure in Unity for quick iteration on an iOS game with CEO.